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Viva la música!.- 27/09/2010.

5º Tente Kulturelle.- Lehrte.- Hannover.
Elke Brunhöber, Anzeiger für Lerhte & Sehnde.

When faces tell stories.
Masters of expression, the trio Los Excéntricos bring slapstick close to great culture.
Zaza doesn’t even need to talk, while he turns around a forgotten glass of champagne on his piano. His attitude is so expressive that words are not needed while he drinks, looking at the audience with a gesture of pleasure, a mixture of drunkenness and malice.
The trio of clowns Los Excéntricos of Barcelona have the gift of turning a small event into a big number. There is no great technology here nor sophisticated lighting, just a few words, very good gestures, excellent musicians, mockery and a stage presence forged over the years. These multiple qualities power their humor throughout the world, easily passing over the language barriers. They know how to have gentle fun with the small and large disasters of life and with failures displayed by accident when someone wants to do something too well.
The show can be enigmatic and even black humor, like the moment when a puppet represents a skeleton, or like the angel of death that is perched happily on the shoulder, or on the musical instrument of one of the characters, creating a profoundly poetic image. There is also that slapstick, so surprising when Marceline unfairly punishes Sylvestre by hitting him on the head with a pan, or the repetitive accidental fall from the piano stool in the middle of the concert.
Los Excéntricos are able to tell us wonderful stories with their formidable mime, and all with live music. Olé!
Elke Brunhöber, Anzeiger für Lerhte & Sehnde.

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio