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Entertaining tendernees.- 03/01/2009.

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.- Barcelona.- España.
Jordi Bordes, El Punt Diari.

Los Excéntricos trio retrieve the art of clowning using a wide range of devices, beyond the archetype of August and White clown, beyond typical slapping beyond little songs so that the audience claps along in time, beyond what one can find in a circus marquee lacking in ambition or in Saturday matinee circus performances shown on TV during the political transition. Zaza, Marceline and Sylvestre have character deep inside them with a wealth of facets and enormous artistic talent. They can play the accordion, the piano, the violin-trumpet and guitar. They can perform while playing “Suspiros de España” for example, with a tray full of bells. They juggle balls acrobatically, perform playful contortionism with accordions and can twirl plates. Not to mention the gloves – song.
They make the audience laugh by getting hit by a saucepan and then spitting out their teeth, and next here they are struggling with a badly behaved vacuum cleaner (it has the nerve to suck up the performer’s hair, tongue, cheeks and even one of her breasts) or with a slapdash disappearance that Lari the magician would certainly like to try. Not to mention a skeletal Juliet appearing from inside the piano.
Los Excéntricos have been appearing separately on stage for thirty years. Marceline and Sylvestre have worked together as an artistic couple for more than twenty years. They make themselves understood in Catalan, Spanish, French and English. They are a real UNO office that really deserves the attention of the Catalan public.
Their humour oozes tender charm with their bad behaviour, a play with surrealism, a play on words, one impossible act after another. They are masters at conveying Zaza’s noisy contagious laughter (even though no one could possibly imitate it) and with the pauses for each action. Perhaps they could be faster in the transitions from one joke to another, but this delay makes the audience try and guess what the new act will be, who the loser will be and what this new act could lead to. Rococó Bananas, a melodic name that doesn’t actually mean anything, repeats some of the comical scenes from the previous show (Music Maestro). Anybody that saw it I am sure would not mind at all laughing at the same jokes again. Those who haven’t seen it will see these jokes with certain naivety and surprise that will make it hard for them to stop laughing. This naivety, just like the deliberate tender charm, is created by these three great artists known by the very appropriate name of Los Excéntricos. Don’t miss the chance of going to see them, above all if you are a grown-up.
Jordi Bordes, El Punt Diari.

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio