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All-round family entertainment with Los Excéntricos.- 22/12/2008.

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.- Barcelona.- España.
Carolina de Pedro Pascual, Web Danza Ballet.

Los Excéntricos, Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza, are three of the very best clowns performing in a delightful show for the whole family.
A simple story line but full of surprises and settings created in good taste, slightly chanson française –like a melancholic Les Feuilles Mortes but sung in a pleasant and funny way!- in addition by three of the best clowns from bygone days …
For one hour and ten minutes, you forget your problems and everything happening outside the theatre, becoming inevitably immersed in the world of these very good all-round artists.
Having read that “Rococó Bananas” was a good show, it was a very pleasant surprise to find that it was even better than I had even expected.
It was difficult for me to decide which of the three artists I liked most, Marceline, Sylvestre or Zaza (Los Excéntricos), because all three are such top class professionals. This was not just my opinion, because at the end of the show they had to repeat several numbers when the audience would not stop applauding them and, at the end of these curtain calls, the trio went with all the spectators to the theatre lobby where they continued playing several musical pieces on a small accordion and a tiny guitar, surrounded by all the people that had decided to stay determined that the show shouldn’t end yet.
I couldn’t decide who enjoyed the show the most, the children or the grown-ups, even though the show had obviously been designed for both.
Even though it may be unnecessary, I would just like to add that I would highly recommend everyone going to the Sala Tallers at the National Theatre of Catalonia to enjoy the talent, art and professionalism of Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza.
Carolina de Pedro Pascual, Web Danza Ballet.

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio