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National Cultural Award.- 21/02/2011.

Generalitat de Catalunya.- Barcelona.
Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts (CONCA).

The French and Catalan company Los Excéntricos has received the National Cultural Award in the category of circus. The Award cites the way they dominate the scene, the creation of an original clown and their show Rococo Bananas. The jury\'s verdict highlights their long career and the perfect match between traditional circus and new circus. They show us the clown until the point of paroxysm, and their presence on the stage reveals their street experience and their long years as globetrotters. The current show, Rococo Bananas, frantically collects these virtues which, held together by a thread of live music, help us to understand better the wonderful world of the circus.
National Cultural Awards are the highest institutional recognition of Culture and Creation in Catalonia. They were instituted by the Catalan Government in 1982 and they are a continuation of the ones the Government awarded between 1932 and 1938. The National Council for Culture and Arts grants these awards to persons or entities who have stood out with their contributions and activities in each of the respective cultural contexts.
The sixteen award categories are architecture and public space, visual arts, audiovisual, cinema, circus, comedy, popular culture, dance, design, literature, music, cultural heritage, thinking and scientific culture, the social projection of the Catalan language, theatre, and a special award recognizing the artistic and professional career of a person throughout his/her life.
Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts (CONCA).

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio